Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Victoria Sponge Cake - Using Duck Eggs

I'd never tried a duck egg before my hubby brought some home when he picked our kids up from their holiday in Devon. They were from a lovely farm and I was quite excited to try one and amazed at how huge they are! 
Alas, I wasn't very keen when I tried a fried egg, I found the white a bit rubbery although the yolk was gorgeous and creamy. We had three left and I was curious to see what difference they would make to a basic sponge recipe so knocked up a quick cake to try it out.


3 Duck Eggs
Self-Raising Flour
Butter or Margarine (such as Stork), softened - I do this in the microwave
Caster Sugar
Fillings of your choice - I used vanilla buttercream and raspberry jam

You'll notice there are no measurements provided! Usually when I make a Victoria sponge, I use 6oz (roughly 170g) of butter, sugar and flour plus 3 eggs but I wasn't sure how the size of the duck eggs would affect the mixture so I used the method where you weigh the eggs (in their shells) and use the same weight of your other ingredients. 

My duck eggs weighed 8oz altogether so that's the weight I used for each ingredient.


I used a stand mixer for this, simply because I'm lazy, but a wooden spoon is fine.

Add your sugar to your mixing bowl and add your softened butter. Cream together on a medium speed.

Crack your eggs into a cup or jug and add a little at a time while the mixer is still going. When all the egg is incorporated, stop the machine and scrape down the sides with a spatula to ensure your mixture is all combined. 

Briefly whizz the mixer again before adding your flour. My Kmix has a "fold" function which stops you losing too much air from your cake mix but if yours doesn't, just use a slow speed or fold in with your spoon.

Now your cake batter is ready, divide between two lined and greased sandwich tins - mine were 8" round - and bake at 160° fan until golden and springy to the touch, about 20-25 minutes, although every oven differs so keep an eye on it.

Turn out onto a cooling rack or leave to cool in the tins if you like and then once it's totally cold, sandwich together with your chosen fillings. 

Fresh whipped cream and strawberries is lovely but this time I chose vanilla buttercream and seedless raspberry jam. Finish off with a sprinkling of caster sugar over the top and make yourself a cuppa to go with it! Yum.

Overall, I think the duck eggs added an extra richness to the cake, no doubt because of the size of the yolks, but it also seemed to rise slightly more than my usual recipe. It kept well too, it was still lovely and moist after more than a week.

Happy Baking

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