Sunday, 19 July 2015

Simple Shortbread Biscuits

Ok. These aren't perfect pretty circles. I just can't be bothered. What I care about is that they're buttery and melt-in-the-mouth and with only three ingredients, very quick and easy to make. A batch of these disappears very quickly in our house. My method might seem a bit odd at first but I much prefer it to faffing about rolling out dough :) 


Makes approx 24
I use ounces (oz) for a lot of recipes as it's how I learnt to bake (showing my age now!) but it's very easy to convert to grams (g) if you wish - 1oz is approx 25g

8oz Butter - you must use real butter for this one, I prefer slightly salted
4oz Caster Sugar plus a little more for sprinkling
12oz Plain Flour


I use a stand mixer for this recipe.
Weigh out your sugar and add to your mixer bowl.

Cube the butter and soften in the microwave for around 20-30 seconds - you want it very soft but not melted, your microwave may take less or more time than mine. Don't forget to use a plastic container for the microwave. (I keep an old weighing scales bowl for this as my new scales have a metal bowl)

Cream together the butter and sugar for a few minutes until well combined and looking fluffy and then, with the mixer still running, start tipping in the flour a little at a time. It should start coming together in a very soft dough.

Now lay a large piece of cling film onto your work surface and tip on the dough. Use your hands to mould the dough into a thick sausage shape.

Roll the cling film up around your dough, bit like a Christmas cracker! Place in the freezer for about half an hour until it's firmed up enough to slice easily.

Unwrap your dough and use a sharp knife (I use a serrated knife) to cut slices, they can be any thickness you like but I do mine to roughly 1cm. The amount you get will depend in how thin your slices are and how thick your sausage was in the first place. That sounds a bit rude doesn't it?!

Place your slices on baking trays lined with greaseproof/baking paper. Don't worry if they look a bit raggedy or crumbly at the edges, it will magically melt away in the oven!

Bake at 180° (fan) for around 15-20 minutes. You need them to be just golden at the edges.

Sprinkle immediately with caster sugar and leave to cool. Best stored in an air-tight container to keep them crisp.The beauty of these biscuits is that you can make the dough any time you like and just leave it wrapped in the freezer until you're ready to bake. Just leave out for a while to thaw a bit before slicing.

This recipe is so adaptable too, you could swap some of the flour for ground almonds or cocoa, add some chocolate chips, nuts, stem ginger or anything else that takes your fancy. That's what I love about baking, the possibilities are endless!

Happy Baking

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