Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Golden Vegetable Rice - Microwave Recipe

I make this all the time and we have it with all kinds of meals - cold with salad and leftover chicken or hot with a curry or tonight's meal of salmon fillets. It's very quick and easy - no real measuring required, as long as you have a mug/cup you'll be fine!
The kids like it too and there are plenty of ways to jazz it up a little if you want. Maybe a couple of teaspoons of curry powder (which is lovely) or different herbs and spices, and of course you can adapt the recipe to add any veg your family likes.
This amount makes enough for a generous side dish for my family of four so feel free to scale up or down accordingly - the cooking time should remain roughly the same. A good tip for rice is to always use twice the amount of water to your rice and it should be perfect.

P.S. I bought one of those microwaveable pouches of savoury rice the other day just to compare, and hubby and I both agreed it was tasteless and stodgy, won't be buying one of those again! Plus it had a suspicious ingredient simply called "Flavouring"....


1 mug/cup Basmati Rice (you can use long-grain but it will take longer to cook)
Any vegetables you like, roughly chopped - I used onion, carrot and frozen peas.
1 Stock Cube - any flavour you like, here I've used Chicken Oxo. You can replace the water with fresh stock if you prefer
Salt & Black Pepper
Herbs & Spices (optional) - This time I used Turmeric (for the lovely golden colour), Garlic Granules and Paprika but you can use anything you like, experiment and see what happens!
2 mugs/cups Boiling Water.


Put all your chopped vegetables in a microwave safe bowl that holds about 2 pints of liquid.

Add your mug/cup of rice.

Next, using the same mug, add two mugfuls of hot water from the kettle.

Now add a generous shake of any herbs or spices you want to use, plus your stock cube, and give your mixture a good stir.

And that's nearly it! Cover your bowl in cling film and poke a little hole in the top to let steam escape.

Cook in the microwave for ten minutes on full power (you may need to adjust slightly according to your microwave, mine is 800W). Then, peel away the cling film - very carefully as there will be lots of steam! - and stir well. At this stage it should still be fairly wet but the rice will be nearly cooked. Place back in the microwave uncovered and cook on full power for another 4-5 minutes. Fluff up with a fork and you're ready to serve. Easy :)

Happy Cooking

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