Sunday, 5 July 2015

A new start...

Hello, thanks for visiting :)

Some of you may remember me, my name is Louise and I was the proud owner of a cake business called BakerLou. I loved it and provided many free tutorials on sugarcraft and baking as often as I could on my website and blog. Personal reasons meant that I couldn't continue with my business and I was very sad to close it down - I suffer from panic attacks, depression and anxiety and, to be frank, I was putting too much pressure on myself and just not enjoying it anymore!

However, my love of baking and cooking has never left me (I think there's no better therapy!) so it's time to start afresh and although this blog is mainly to record my favourite recipes and techniques, I'd like to think it could be useful for you too. Also my battered notebook that I write my recipes in is always covered in butter and flour so it'll be nice to have a splatter-free digital version.

I'm a mum of two, and what I want to achieve with this shiny new blog is to show you how easy it is to provide great meals for your family - plus lovely treats - without spending a fortune or thinking you need to be a genius in the kitchen. Trust me, cooking is so easy and you don't need a huge array of equipment or fancy ingredients to put a smile on your family's faces. Every mum has a few frozen pizzas in the freezer for the evenings that you're just too shattered to cook but nearly everything I feed my family is cooked from scratch in less time than it takes for a takeaway to be delivered and tastes a hell of a lot better too!

Bear with me for a bit as I'm going to gradually transfer my tutorials to this blog and I have lots more family favourites to add along the way.

Happy Baking :)

Lou xx

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